A class of its own

I have been to many different yoga sessions in the past but Tanya is in a class of her own - easily the best yoga teacher I have found - I really enjoy her approach - always supportive, friendly, enthusiastic and very professional. The sessions are demanding but fun and I always leave with a real glow and feeling of well being. Chris

Enabling, empowering, motivational

Tanya's classes are a joy to attend. Iyengar yoga is notoriously difficult, but Tanya brings a huge dose of understanding of where you are as an individual, and how far you've come since joining. How she remembers everyone's different needs is incredible. She's really dedicated, an excellent explainer: both verbally, and demonstratively. Her poses are challenging, fun, and pre-planned to work particular aspects with natural progression, so that you hardly notice how much work you've actually accomplished during each session. Great value for money. Her "chiropractic slant" due to her own back history is particularly valuable to anyone suffering with back pain or injuries. Full body maintenance and enjoyment guaranteed! Narjas

Great teacher

I have been delighted to find Tanya just a few weeks ago. Have been to a couple of classes a week. I love her energy and friendliness, as well as her beady eyed attention to detail. Would certainly recommend her, and look forward to working with her in the future. JaneM

A warm encouraging teacher who only wants the best for you

Tanya is an exceptional yoga teacher.She is very warm,encouraging and positive.She always checks on any injuries or illness with her pupils and then adapts the postures if necessary. She gives clear instructions and gently but firmly pushes you to go that little bit further but only in a way that is safe to the body. Though the class is very physical there is also an emphasis on the spiritual which I personally welcome. I started in Tanya's beginner's class in April 2013 and found after doing a yoga class elsewhere that I had to relearn a lot of the basic elements which made me realize how many short cuts that are not necessarily good had being included in the practice by the previous teacher. It is hugely reassuring to know that now I am learning how to hold and use my body correctly allowing for greater flexibility and strength.

I do and will continue to recommend Tanya thoroughly. AH Lewis

A very good teacherwho works you hard but gives a lot of encouragement and praise. She knows what she is doing and is a safe pair of hands for older people like me! I would thoroughly recommend her if you need to keep moving.... Alice Campbell

Warm Welcome

Tanya has a warm welcome for each of us at our men’s yoga class. She has individual interest in our wellbeing to ensure we make progress according to our level of ability. It is hard work holding the poses and Tanya has a certain method that is both encouraging and humorous. She ensures we maintain equilibrium, balance and accuracy of our poses with particular attention to detail. Tanya’s relaxation and adjustment techniques at the end of class ensure we leave with no aches or pains. The classes incorporate a wide variation to encompass the whole body. It is a good feeling after yoga and the benefits have helped me as my work is fairly sedentary. Maurice Fletcher

Review of Tanya De Leersnyder's Iyengar Yoga class

I am a yoga teacher and owner of Stroud Yoga Space where Tanya teaches Iyengar yoga. I have sat in on her class and watch her teach with the utmost care for her students. Tanya is professional, fun, and has a good sound knowledge of the body. She watches each of her students closely and suggests modifications if they are new or having difficulty. Her students like her and it is plain to see that they thoroughly enjoy her class. Rachel Mellish

Men's Yoga Class

I have been going to Tanya's classes for many years now. The classes were my first experience of yoga and although I find it difficult and tough at times I feel the benefit very strongly. Tanya is very patient and explains the positions very well and demonstrates them to us carefully and with very good attention to detail. She pays particular attention to each participant focusing on their individual responses to the poses and is always willing to help people adjust to get the pose right. A great sense of humour and a strong sense of being there for participants are some of her strengths. I recommend her wholeheartedly.Ralph Lewis